Impact Maker
Join us October 6-8th for the 
2022 Unstoppable Influence Summit
Franklin, Tennessee
Impact Maker
Join us October 6-8th for the 
2022 Unstoppable Influence Summit
Franklin, Tennessee
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Here's What We Have In Store For You At This Year's Summit...

This LIVE On-Line Event Experience is happening October 7, 8 & 9th

The General Schedule is as follows:
Start Time: 8:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Eastern (US Time)
End Time:  6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern (US Time)
*Exception: Thursday, October 8th the Main Event will end at 4:30 PM Pacific/7:30 PM Eastern

We will have a Lunch Break and an Afternoon Break.

The Speaker times/days and end times may vary

Just like at our live are going to want to be fully present and engaged with us for the 3 days. Please don't make other plans during that time, so you you can get the MOST out of the experience.

Get an Air BNB with friends. Get your own hotel room. Send the kids to Grandma’s. Do what you have to do in order to be 100% present so that you don’t miss a single breakthrough.

But I’m an International Influencer… it’s the middle of the night!

Yup, for some of y’all, that this event is happening in the middle of the night. I get it. It's not the ideal time….but it is WAY more convenient (and a lot cheaper) then FLYING to Tennessee from Australia or the UK. This is truly the OPPORTUNITY of a lifetime to have the chance to attend this live event without traveling across the globe! We do not livestream our events. This is a first (and hopefully the last!)
Instructions on how to access the event will be provided upon registration. You will just need a computer/phone/tablet and reliable internet access!
No. This is a LIVE Event Experience.

You will get FAR more out of the event by being IN the moment with all of us, doing the work, and soaking up the vibes.

We understand that life may be such that you simply cannot attend for a particular session, but do your VERY best to commit to being 100% present for this experience. 
The deadline to request a refund is September 1st. After this date, there are absolutely no refunds, because we will be purchasing things for you for the event.
Submit a ticket to our Help Desk at
So there you go!  This is what I have in store for you October 7th, 8th and 9th and I cannot WAIT to help you create major BREAKTHROUGHS in multiple areas of your life!

Is it Summit Time yet?!?!   I'm counting down the days until we can be together...

With Love,


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